Antwerp Special Diamond

Together with Antwerp, Belgium, the city of diamonds, Goldendew presents a special diamond exclusively in Korea.
You can meet the beautiful and special diamond in which Goldendew’s technology is enhanced with the 570-year history of Antwerp diamonds.

Antwerp, the capital city of diamonds of the world

Antwerp is the center of the world’s diamond trading with more than 570 years of history.
Diamonds processed in Antwerp, Belgium, are well received for their world’s best quality.

  • 1600Official number of
    diamond operations
  • 86%86% of the world’s rough
    diamonds are traded
  • 50%50% of the polished
    diamonds are traded

Letter of recommendation from AWDC

Business cooperation agreement for diamond development and supply between Goldendew & Antwerp and a letter of recommendation from AWDC for public relations.

  • The world’s one and only
    ‘Goldendew Cut’ Diamond
  • Top of Diamond
  • UltraBrights

Goldendew X Antwerp Special Diamond Launching

Goldendew X Antwerp Special Diamond Launching event was held on March 28, 2019.
The event was attended by Philippe Léopold Louis Marie, the king of Belgium and his wife who were visiting Korea as state guests. They showed deep interest in the special diamond launched through Korea and Belgium collaboration. Also, a diamond polishing demonstration was performed by a Belgian polishing specialist and a number of prominent figures in the diamond field including the AWDC representative attended the event and expressed their excitement on Goldendew X Antwerp Diamond exclusively introduced to Korea by Goldendew.

Philippe Léopold Louis Marie and his wifey
Goldendew x Antwerp diamond booth at the Belgian Life Festival 2019
Goldendew x Antwerp diamond launching event 1
Goldendew x Antwerp diamondtt launching event 3
Goldendew x Antwerp diamond launchitttng event 3
The World’s one and only ‘Goldendew Cut’ 1
The World’s one and only ‘Goldendew Cut’ 2
The World’s one and only ‘Goldendew Cut’ 3