Goldendew Diamond

Why Goldendew Diamond?

1. Stringent screening process - All diamonds are sourced from Sightholders (authorized rough diamond suppliers
  in the world
- Only diamonds that strictly satisfy Goldendew standards are imported and subject to
  in-house grading and double inspection.
- Use top quality diamonds within the same grade to ensure that durability and
  appearance are not affected.

2. The best Light Performance The most critical selection criterion of a diamond is ‘Light Performance’ that can be observed visually. Diamond facets that are polished and cut in perfect ratio are confirmed visually by skilled experts who also use instruments. The evaluation criteria of Goldendew for ‘Light Performance’ are composed of brilliance, sparkle, fire, and symmetry. The highest level is ULTIMATE, which only accounts for less than 5% of all diamonds. Goldendew currently provides Light Performance digital report of diamonds above 1 carat.

3. Ethical diamonds Goldendew source 'conflict free' diamonds from overseas suppliers in compliance with the Kimberley Process, a convention against illegal diamond distribution, and is an exclusive supplier of Forevermark in Korea. Forevermark is a diamond brand of De Beers, the largest diamond company in the world. Forevermark is the unique diamond brand encompassing the messages of beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.

4. Difference in the level of reliability While diamonds in the Korean market are distributed in various grading reports, Goldendew is almost the only company that issues its own grading reports. Typical grading reports describe physical measurements and the appearance of a diamond. Goldendew grading reports guarantee the brand spirit, beauty, and value.

Goldendew Diamond Grading Report Various diamond grading reports are currently available in the market and they describe the diamond grading as well as characteristics based on the international standard known as 4C, and this can be said to suggest the minimum standards to determine the value of a diamond. Goldendew does not merely rely on third-party grading reports but it requires at least 3 appraisers - certified professional diamond graders - who will perform cross-check on the same diamond to create a grading report. This is to secure objectivity and reliability and, in addition, to guarantee grading accuracy using professional equipment.
Goldendew performs an additional screening process among the diamonds of the same grading depending on the type of inclusions, durability, and the degree of light performance to select the best quality diamonds. Therefore, Goldendew assures that its diamonds have the utmost beauty compared to others of the kind, which is an important commitment involving brand’s principles and philosophy.
For this reason, Goldendew grading reports can be regarded as a warranty which includes all responsibilities from supply, production, sales, to follow-up management.

Diamond Digital Report Goldendew has adopted the latest technology and became the first jewelry company in Korea that provides digital reports for diamonds above 1 carat, and the service range will gradually be expanded in the future.
  • The diamond owner can always check his/her diamond information contained in a card.
  • All the information about the diamond (Light Performance, grade, shape, etc.) is provided on mobile devices upon QR code scanning.
  • 3D image confirmation available using the latest diamond scanning technology (the unique diamond characteristics can be checked visually).