Forevermark Diamond

A Diamond is Forever

You can now find Forevermark,
diamonds made for the 1%, at Goldendew.

Diamond Brand of De Beers Group Forevermark is a diamond brand of the De Beers Group, the world’s largest diamond company with 130 years of history, that can be purchased through authorized Sightholders in 36 countries around the world. ‘Goldendew Forevermark Specialized Store’ is the only place in Korea you can find Forevermark.

Only 1%,the diamond is born
with perfect value.
Less than 1% of diamonds in the world qualify to become
Forevermark diamonds.

Special inscription that guarantees
the best value
All Forevermark diamonds are inscribed with a brand marker and individual identification number. This number means that there is no other diamond like it in the world.

Unique Forevermark inscription On the table facet of all Forevermark diamonds, a Forevermark icon and a unique identification number are inscribed. This is a marker that means it is the one and only special diamond that satisfies all Forevermark appraisal criteria including beauty, rarity, and quality. It is a promise of responsibility and reliability as well. A patented technology of the De Beers Group is used for the Forevermark inscription, with a width 1/5,000 of a strand of hair that is not visible with bare eyes and does not influence diamond quality.

Exclusive Viewer for Forevermark Goldendew stores are equipped with a special Forevermark Diamond Viewer. Anyone can use the exclusive viewer to see the Forevermark icon and the unique identification number inscribed on the diamond’s table facet.

Forevermark Grade Reports Forevermark diamonds come with a Forevermark Grading Report issued by Forevermark grading laboratory as well as a Goldendew Grading Report. The reports contain details of 4C appraisal and the diamond’s unique identification number. The Forevermark grading reports are available with diamonds over 0.30ct weight and Forevermark identification card is provided for 0.20ct diamonds.

Goldendew Forevermark diamonds are available in specialty stores.

Forevermark Diamond Craftsmanship

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