About Goldendew

Golden Dew

Goldendew Fine Jewelry
Since 1989

Born in 1989 as the first jewelry brand in Korea,
Goldendew has grown into Korea’s largest jewelry brand
as a result of leading the jewelry market for 30 years, committing itself to transgenerational design, strict quality control, and transparent diamonds.
Recognized as the best fine jewelry brand in Korea, Goldendew is now partnering with 50,000 customers a year in about 100 stores nationwide including department stores and duty-free shops.

Golden Dew Golden Dew Golden Dew
Golden Dew Golden Dew Golden Dew
Golden Dew
The brand has been in pursuit
of ‘Transgenerational Value’
since its establishment capturing
in unique designs, top-notch
quality, and the most brilliant
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Encounter and love, in addition to
other beautiful moments,
glitter ever more with jewelry.
Goldendew will always be there
in the moments of eternity.
Golden Dew

- Over 100 stores nationwide (department stores /
premium outlets / duty-free shops)
- The largest and more reliable diamond
specialty brand in Korea
- The most preferred wedding jewelry brand

4 Promises of Goldendew

  • Original Design All our products are created from self-developed ‘Goldendew only’
    original designs that can be found exclusively in Goldendew.
    These designs are made into products only after thorough satisfactory reviews
    and tests, using processes gained from years of experience.
  • Most Brilliant Diamonds Goldendew diamonds are guaranteed a brilliant light performance
    because the most rigid standards are adhered to for the selection.
    A very limited number of diamonds are selected by Goldendew among
    the diamonds certified by grading reports following international standards.
  • Finest Quality Goldendew craftsmen hold firm to a consistent and complete manufacturing
    process until the final finishing in order to achieve the best quality,
    even if it means they have to bear some losses.
    If you have ever worn a Goldendew product, you may feel the difference
    in the sense of wearing it in addition to its brilliant luster and color.
  • Guaranteed Service Jewelry is passed down over generations, containing a beautiful moment
    of life in it. The moment we deliver a finished product to our customer,
    we may be starting a special relationship that may last for life.
    Goldendew service is based on such an understanding.
  • Why

    Despite its similarity on the outside, specialized
    professionalism dealing with metals and gemstones is
    required in the field of jewelry and the value is subject
    to the level of such professionalism.
    All Goldendewers including Goldendew designers and
    craftsmen strive to present perfect jewelry with 1%
    differenceand their efforts are visible in the quality of
    Goldendew products.

  • Golden Dew

    1.Full Mirror Polishing

    The glass-like glittering of metal: the metal luster of Goldendew products is widely recognized in the jewelry industry. Proper luster is achieved only when basic principles are well followed and each step is harmoniously balanced. Also, the extra work of luster on the inner and rear surfaces of the products that are not seen from the outside adds to the perfection of Goldendew products.

  • Golden Dew

    2.Comfort Edge Fit

    An edge surface rounding technique considering the width and thickness of a ring. The well appreciated ‘comfortable to wear’ feeling of Goldendew products start from attention to detail.

    • Golden Dew A Flatcross
      section of a ring
      Metallic sophistication A flat cross section of a ring highlights its side and presents a simple modern aesthetics of sophistication.
    • Golden Dew A round cross
      section of a ring
      Loaded softness The ring’s cross section is designed in a round shape to present a soft but loaded impression.
    • Golden Dew Milgrain cross
      section of a ring
      Harmony in style Expressed in Milgrain technique, the ring’s cross section’s soft but detailed appearance brings details to the foreground and makes the design to stand out.
  • Golden Dew

    3.‘Infinite Setting’
    for the best presentation
    of a diamond

    The ‘Infinite Setting’ is a Goldendew diamond setting technique which took 2 years of research and development for completion with the aim to improve the quality of a diamond setting. Using this technique, the metal mount and the diamond are as closely placed as possible so that the diamond’s luster shine out intact. It requires high level skills and delicacy which through a laborious setting process of skilled craftsmen of Goldendew to be completed.

  • Golden Dew

    4.Unique ‘3D Magic Pattern’

    Goldendew was the first in Korea to originate the ‘3D Magic Pattern,’ combining parametric technology that designs geometric elements such as straight and curved lines using 3D CAD algorithms and 3D printingtechnology that translates a design into a 3D structure. The craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology together contributed to ‘GD Symphony’ and ‘GD Blossom’ to have geometric patterns magically embedded in jewelry pieces, completed with Goldendew’s high-technology 3D Magic Pattern.

  • Golden Dew

    5.Brand recognition home
    and abroad

    Brand of the Year, JNA Awards 2017
    Retailer of the year (450 outlets and below),
    JNA Awards 2015
    At the JNA Awards, the largest jewelry award in Asia known as the Oscar in the jewelry industry, Goldendew was the first Korean brand to win an award in 2015, winning another in 2017. As a jewelry brand recognized both at home and abroad, Goldendew has established a strong foothold not only in Korea but throughout Asia and it will fulfill its roles and responsibilities being the leading representative of the Korean jewelry industry.

    Official partner of famous diamond brands overseas Goldendew, the one and only official partner in Korea for famous diamond brands overseas, continues to introduce various diamonds to customers. These partners include Forevermark Diamond, created by the De Beers Group with 130 years of history which is renowned for its specialty in diamonds and Antwerp Diamond in Belgium, the diamond capital city in the world, with 570 years of history which is famous for their best quality diamonds in the world.