• History

    The beginning of Goldendew was ‘Hwadong Corporation’ that sold world money and
    commemorative coins. Given the opportunity to introduce coin jewelry in 1989, it launched
    the Goldendew brand. This brand was inspired by coins made of gold and refers to a
    ‘dewdrop made of gold.’ Since launching the brand, Goldendew has been offering high
    quality jewelry in various designs in about 100 stores nationwide with the aim to achieve ‘transgenerational value.’

  • 2019

    Birth of Goldendew Cut Diamond
    for its 30th anniversary

    Goldendew, celebrating its 30th year of operation in the jewelry field, was designated as promotion ambassador for Belgium Antwerp Diamonds and acquired the exclusive sales right to supply Antwerp special diamonds in Korea. Technical advantage and design of the best-in-the-country’s fine jewelry brand Goldendew together with the best technique and craftsmanship of Antwerp diamonds with more than 570 years of history led to the creation of Goldendew Cut Diamond, the result of 30 years of Goldendew’s history.
  • 2017

    Brand of the Year, JNA Awards,
    and introduction of the first
    digital grading report in Korea

    For the second time since 2015, Goldendew won the Brand of the Year award at the 2017 JNA Awards. Also, it introduced the digital QR code reader diamond grading report system for the first time in Korea offering a differentiated service through enhanced customer convenience in the smart era and increased product reliability. Access to full diamond information including 3D modelling was enabled via mobile applications in the digital diamond grading report system.
  • 2016

    International awards as the No. 1
    jewelry brand in KoreaGoldendew was presented with the Seoul City Mayor’s citation at the 1st Jewelry & Watch Day in December 2016. It was also selected by department store buyers as the No. 1 Brand in jewelry sector in ‘Fashionbiz’ the best global fashion business magazine in Korea, for five consecutive years, from 2014 to 2018.

  • 2016

    Exclusive launching of ForevermarkForevermark is a diamond brand of the De Beers Group, the world’s largest diamond producer with about 130 years of history. De Beers diamonds are available only through authorized jewelers in 36 countries worldwide. Goldendew stores are the only place in Korea where you can find Forevermark diamonds.

  • 2015

    Retailer of the Year, JNA Awards

    In the 2015 JNA Awards - an award for individuals or groups that contributed to the success and development of the jewelry industry - hosted by Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair, is one of the three largest jewelry events worldwide, and Goldendew was honored as the first Korean company to receive the Retailer of the Year Award.
  • t


    RoseeD’or launchingRoseeD’or is a premium fashion jewelry brand offering trendy and stylish jewelry, and the brand name means ‘dewdrop of gold’ in French.

  • 2008

    Stylus launchingStylus is a fashion jewelry brand loved by ‘fashion people’ with excellent quality and perfect designs.

  • 2007

    Professional Baseball League
    Champion’s Rings and Trophies

    Goldendew has been supplying rings for the Korea’s professional baseball league champion upon the special request of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) since 2007 as well as the championship trophy since 2011.
  • 2005

    Opening of Cheongdam
    flagship storeOn Cheongdam, a street of famous international luxurious brands, the Goldendew Cheongdam flagship store stands boldly raising the presence of Korea’s representative jewelry brand. The Goldendew flagship store was renovated in 2018 and one can view a complete assortment of jewelry including high-end jewelry, fruit of 30 years of craftsmanship, as well as wedding gifts and fashion jewelry.

  • 2004

    Goldendew Craftsmanship
    Research Center
    (G. Atelier today)

    In order to focus on a self-production system and craftsmanship quality, the Craftsmanship Research Center was established in 2004. The Goldendew Craftsmanship Research Center is a subsidiary research center and workplace where various craftsmanship- related techniques are developed, and it is the core division which displays Goldendew’s unique jewelry competences.
  • 2002

    The beginning of the Korean
    Wave, “Winter Sonata” and
    Polaris NecklaceGoldendew received attention for its Polaris Necklace which appeared in “Winter Sonata”, a K-drama that may well be said to be the first drama of the Korean Wave.

    Having an explosive reaction both local and abroad, the Polaris Necklace achieved 5-million-dollar export at the time to be appreciated as the outset of popular goods in the Korean Wave. In particular, group tourists from Japan queued up to visit Goldendew stores and its main office and participated in the 15th International Jewelry Fair Tokyo being well-received by jewelry-related authorities and visitors. Also, an official invitation was extended from the Shimonoseki Daimaru Department Store.
  • 2001

    Diomio launchingMerchandized in Homeplus stores with 14K fashion jewelry and daily items to expand the logistics network (closed in 2004)

  • 2000

    Supporting Miss Korea Pageant
    and making crowns
    for the Pageant winnersGoldendew supported Miss Korea Pageant for three consecutive years, from 2000 to 2002 designing and making crowns and rings for the winners.

    The first crown for the Miss Korea winner made by Goldendew was in 2000, taking Shilla’s gold crown and Baekjae queen’s diadem ornament as motives in its design. The crown was highly appreciated for its design being both authentically Korean and universal. In 2002, Goldendew presented a crown with its splendor maximized by a closely arranged setting of diamonds.
  • 1999

    (Simple Diamond Pendant)
    Promotion with De Beers The SDP (Simple Diamond Pendant) promotion started first in the US, Hong Kong, and Japan and gained tremendous popularity. It also raised a lot of issues when it came to Korea. Simple design diamond jewelry became available and people began to see diamonds as a fashion item. Goldendew built a strong foothold not only in the wedding jewelry sector but in the fashion jewelry market as well.

    De Beers (UK), the world’s leading diamond company, actively worked to expand its Korean market share since 1999 and selected Goldendew as its partner. In particular, the Goldendew Millennium Hallmark 2000 Diamond Promotion was carried out collaboratively in the advent of the new millennium, and this was followed by various co-hosted events including the SDP (Simple Diamond Pendant) promotion.
  • 1990's

    Popularity of diamonds,
    leader of transparent logisticsGoldendew developed an independent grading system based on international standards and became the champion in seeking a transparent diamond grading system in the Korean jewelry market.

    The first gift jewelry offered by Goldendew was the Angel series containing 0.05 carat diamonds in the early 90’s. The Angel series elicited changes in the understanding of diamonds from being a wedding jewelry or luxurious item into a fashion item in daily life. This change served as an opportunity to raise the attention of young adults to diamonds.
  • 1989

    Launching Goldendew
    the first jewelry brand in KoreaIt started as Hwadong Corporation, selling world money and commemorative coins. It was the first company to introduce Coin Jewelry to Korea in 1989 which was in vogue all over the world at the time. In collaboration with BC Card, it offered coin jewelry on leaflets targeted to credit card customers, which turned out to be a big hit.

    Given the opportunity to introduce coin jewelry in 1989, it launched the Goldendew brand. This brand was inspired by coins made of gold and refers to a ‘dewdrop made of gold.’ Since launching the brand, Goldendew has been offering high quality jewelry in various designs in about 100 stores nationwide with the aim to achieve ‘transgenerational value.’