Golden Dew

Introducing the DEW collection with Goldendew’s signature
design of a dewdrop captured in exquisite lines In this special
collection, the dewdrop motif is translated into a silhouette far more stereoscopic and shimmering in classic, wedding, and fashion
lines that contain the unique Goldendew identity

morningdew 골든듀의 베스트셀링 아이템
Goldendew’s best-selling item
which took its motif from a bright
morning dewdrop to express pure
innocent love, and has been loved ever
since its first release. When matched with
white gold and diamond settings,
the design’s characteristic gracefulness
and romance are revealed.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Absolute Dew (D) 입체적이고 풍성한 볼륨감
The design is a new interpretation
of a dewdrop bright as the morning sunlight.
Three dewdrop lines, symbolizing 30 years
of Goldendew footprints, are drawn stereoscopically
in perfect match to offer a classy sense of volume.
Absolute goldenDew 세계 유일의 ‘골든듀컷’ 세팅 (0.5ct)
This ultimate product of Goldendew’s design experience
and technology accumulated for 30 years symbolizes
the absolute beauty that shines in glamour forever
and never dies as in the Goldendew cut diamond.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Blessing Dew 이슬로 형상화된 은은한 멋
This steady-seller, loved by many customers
being a fine and simple wedding ring,
takes the motive from a dewdrop and has a
design element of a bright dewdrop engraved
on the side of the ring.
happy Dew 이슬방울의 행복한 축제
The design has expressed a dewdrop with smoothly
curved lines which radiates a cheerful feminine
Golden Dew
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