Golden Dew

The collection is filled with love of the lovers which resembles
the warm sunlight entering the wide open window on a warm afternoon. The love of lovers may indeed be a series of glittering moments. GLITTERING is a harmonious encounter between
diamond and metal, showcasing their dazzling love.

글리터링러브 시선이 머무는 화사함
The lights radiate in circles because of the metal
work done and the diamond gains more
appearance to highlight its delicacy.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
글리터링러브 반지 자유롭고 모던한 컷팅
The freestyle cutting method expressed in various
angles brings out the beauty and metallic glitter
to the greatest extent, making the design unique
more than ever.
Golden Dew
글리터링 하트로 표현되는 눈부신 사랑
A natural hand-cutting technique is applied to the jewelry.
The design takes its motif from various shapes of heart
encircling the main stone.
Golden Dew
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