Are you familiar with a fixed form of beautiful verses called ‘sonnet’
which ruled the 13th-century Europe? We introduce to you the
LOVE SONNET collection, which captures the beauty and emotion of a
love sonnet expressing the heartrending love in a fixed simple form.
The one and only diamond is arranged in the most outstanding way to complete the jewelry in beauty.

러브소네트 반지 우아한 곡선미
The graceful style delivered in pink gold,
the major color trend. You can feel
the sensual beauty of love sonnet.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
러브소네트 목걸이&귀고리 심플함에 담긴 품격
The dignity of a diamond expressed
in a classic design. The enchanting
fascination of a diamond is highlighted
with a basic stable setting.
Golden Dew
러브소네트(겹)반지 겹반지와 만나는 섬세한 조화
Melee diamonds in different sizes are placed harmoniously
on a double ring. The ring can be layered with a main ring
or other double rings for a glamorous look.
Golden Dew
러브소네트 테니스  팔찌 우아하고 섬세한 디테일
This tennis bangle is entirely
decorated with diamond highlighting
the femininity and elegance.
Golden Dew
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