Golden Dew

M.I (My Initial) Collection is about confession of eternal love
inscribed in one’s heart which is consisted of Forever&Ever –
including a beautiful message of love with engraved initials –
and You&Me Forever – the design is crafted with initials only.
Experience the jewelry’s uniqueness designed and created
with initials.

유앤미포에버 유니크한 사랑의 이니셜
Simple initials are better than any flowery
words to leave a strong inscription in one’s mind.
The line offers an unique experience of
designing the jewelry with initials.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
포에버앤에버 사랑의 메시지를 담은 주얼리
This romantic line offers an engraving service
for initials of your choice along with a message
of love.
Golden Dew
유니크한 뱅글
My love is always with you. Forever and ever
My heart will always be your’s. Forever and ever
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
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