Platinum, the symbol of unchanging eternity.
Express your love with Goldendew’s platinum that is
robust as the faith in love and strong as a deep trust.

Lake Side 행복을 담은 로맨틱한 커플링
The diamond placed on the platinum line
in the middle of the band represents
the bright sunlight over a lakeside.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Pure Heart 눈길을 사로잡는 플래티넘 라인
The design is unique with a platinum line added
in the center of the pink gold band,
and the diamond makes it even fancier.
Golden Dew
Certified with Pt Mark
Pt Mark is awarded to jewelry brands whose eligibility
is determined through a strict quality certification system
in three stages. The eligible brand should have pure
platinum higher than 90% which is the international
standard (ISO9202). Goldendew platinum products are
certified with Pt Mark(Pt 950, 95% pure platinum)
Purest 최고의 순도. 프리미엄 커플링
High-purity gold (99.9%) and platinum(Pt999)
are combined through latest technology to
create premium couple rings with the highest purity.
Golden Dew
Trust 편안함 착용감, 특별한 컬러매치
This daily wearable couple ring has a simple modern
design with excellent wearability and the color combination
of platinum and pink gold gives a complete fancy touch.
Golden Dew
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