How would you feel about having days of happiness at all times?
This Collection features point jewelry products of small and adorable
styles that display a lovely mood. A sparkling moment
can be a great gift consideration for your beloved.

Golden Dew
Sweet Berry 골든듀 베스트셀링 아이템
This Goldendew best-seller has an adorable lovely design
with a voluminous expression of a sweet fresh fruit
created by metal luster and color.
Golden Dew
HAPPY LOVE 별 하나에 담긴 행복한 사랑
The design includes a line smoothly drawn towards
the inner side, presenting an image of a falling star to
describe the happiness of love and hope in a vibrant manner.
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Golden Dew
Star stud 별빛처럼 반짝이는 귀고리
Your styling can be perfect by matching the simple
star-shaped ‘STAR STUD’ with other earrings.
Golden Dew
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